Catalonia Social Prize 2010

In September 2010 the iiEDG received the Dixit Prize for Social Research, as part of the Catalonia Social 2010 awards made by the Catalan Government’s Department of Social Action and Citizenship. According to the Prize document, the iiEDG was awarded the prize “for its pioneering development of projects involving investigation, research and analysis of women’s living conditions from an interdisciplinary perspective” with the aim of working towards a more caring and unified nation.

By agreement of the iiEDG’s Standing Committee, on 23 December 2010 the award was dedicated to our colleague, feminist historian and archaeologist Encarna Sanahuja, who passed away on 13 January 2010. Encarna Sanahuja was linked with and committed to the iiEDG and was a member of the Master’s degree course teaching team.