Thesis compend articles

Thesis types

The Interuniversity Doctoral Program in Gender Studies: Cultures, Societies and Policies can be completed in one of the two following ways: 1) by submitting a standard doctoral thesis or 2) by submitting a doctoral thesis by publication.

Standard thesis

The standard thesis is a single monograph and is the traditional format in which doctoral theses are submitted. It is an original document that includes scientific research, the state of the art, the research objectives and questions, the methodology and the results and conclusions.

Thesis by publication[i]

The thesis by publication consists of a collection of journal articles or book chapters that have already been published by the doctoral student. A doctoral thesis can be presented in the form of a collection of publications if it meets the following requirements:

  • The thesis must contain a minimum of three published or accepted articles on the same line of research, two of which are indexed in the Journal Citation Reports (JCR), which includes the Science Citation Index (SCI), the Social Science Citation Index (SSCI) and the Arts Humanities Citation Index (AHCI), and/or the Scimago Journal Rank (SJR). Alternatively, it must contain a minimum of five published or accepted publications. Of these five publications, three should be articles indexed in the Carhus + A. The remaining publications may be articles published or accepted in journals indexed in other databases, book chapters, books, monographs, etc. In the latter case, the publications (and, therefore, the thesis) will be evaluated on the basis of the scientific journals’ prestige within the area and the rigor and objectivity of the process for selecting publications. Any such publications (in a journal, book, etc.) must also have been reviewed by an editorial board consisting of prestigious specialist experts and have undergone an independent evaluation process before publication.
  • The publications must have been published or accepted after the student has registered for the doctoral programme.
  • If any of the articles or publications has been written in cooperation with others, the doctoral student must appear as the first author on at least two of the contributions. The doctoral student must state each author’s contribution to the article or publication. The doctoral student must also submit letters by the co-authors confirming that the publications have not been used in previous theses and that they will not be presented as part of another doctoral thesis.
  • Co-authors of the articles cannot be members of the tribunal that assesses the thesis, nor can they be external evaluators of the thesis.
  • All contributions must include the doctoral student’s affiliation with the corresponding University or Universities, adding the expression “This work has been done in the framework of the Interuniversity Doctorate Program in Gender Studies: Cultures, Societies and Policies”.
  • In addition to copies of the published works, the thesis must contain a general introduction which presents the work and outlines the thematic unity of the thesis and the publications contained therein. The thesis must also include a comprehensive summary of the results obtained, a discussion of these results and the final conclusions.
  • If the doctoral thesis is presented as a collection of publications, the following documents must be attached to the request that is submitted to the Academic Committee of the Doctoral Programme for authorisation to present the doctoral thesis:

- Request to submit a thesis by publication, duly completed and signed by the doctoral student.

- Report by the director (and tutor) of the thesis indicating the suitability of presenting the thesis by publication, as well as a full list of references for the publications used in the thesis and their impact factor.

- Document signed by the co-authors of any articles, in which they state that they have been informed and accept that their publications will be included in the thesis and that they renounce their right to include them as part of another thesis.

- Letter of acceptance from the journal/book for any articles that have not yet been published.

[i] You are strongly advised to check on your thesis being compliant with your own Graduate (Doctorate) School’s regulations at the start of each academic year – remember different Universities may have different rules on that regard.